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Fashion - February 8, 2022

5 fashion tips you must follow for your winter fashion wardrobe

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So the winters are fast approaching and while India being a country that massively experiences a hot climate, people quite relish the winters, it is undeniable at the same time that your fashion experiments tend to take a backseat during the winters.

While it is worth a frown that you can’t wear those tank tops and denim shots during the cold weather, it doesn’t mean you should completely rule out your fashion wishes just because the sunshine is missing. So here are five tips that you must follow for your winter special fashion wardrobe—

Top 5 Fashion Tips

  1. Dress in layers

Yes it is cold in the winters but it is not really that consistent compared to foreign countries. Besides, if you are a working lady then regular walking, talking and physical movements are going to make you feel warm and you would feel the need to get out of that cardigan that you so dedicatedly put up earlier in the morning. Thus, it is advisable to dress up in layered clothing during winters; take a scarf, a jacket and wear a full sleeved top underneath, so that even when you pull out the jacket, you don’t feel too cold.

  1. Say hello to stockings

Winters aren’t really the ideal time of the year to show off those denim shorts, but hey, that doesn’t mean you will give it a pass, refuting your will to wear them. Pair your denim shorts with a pair of opaque stockings. It won’t just help you defeat the cold but also let you enjoy wearing those denims.

  1. Bonjour to Boots

Ah, now that’s the best part about winters! You can experiment with a variety of boots, with your jeans, leggings or skirts. From brown to black—boots just enhance your personality tenfold.

  1. Scarves are sexier than ever

Scarves paired up with your jackets and coats just add a fine feminine touch to your overall look. From animal prints, to plain and graphic prints—you can always experiment with a number of scarves, and the best part is that they are quite cheap.

  1. Blazers are the new black

While for the rest of year the trendy colorful blazers might look as nothing more than an “official meeting purpose” outfit to you, during winters you can totally wear them day and night. They not just guard you against the cold but also help you look class apart and stylish.

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