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Technology - February 12, 2022

All You Need To Know About Yi IOT Camera

yi iot camera

As we all know, nowadays in our contemporary world nobody is genuinely safe, & we all are going through our busy life schedule. That’s why we will not be able to get in touch with our family all the time but nowhere is a solution for themselves.

In this scenario, If people want to connect themselves with their family through real-time video as well as audio anytime and even anywhere, then a yi iot camera is the best solution.

Features of this camera –

This camera can connect individuals with their families just a fingertip away. In general, it is an application which connects your home camera or maybe your office cameras with your computers, pc & my phone also.

This application is equipped with a 111° wide-angle lens which is a fantastic feature of this yi iot camera. But if it’s not enough, then people can also extend the area of coverage to enable a clear view of any particular areas and objects. There is a feature of zooming a focus; people need to double click to activate 4x digital zoom to focus on details.

This camera has built-in advanced accuracy motion detection technology, which is why this camera can send a notification to the owner’s mobile phone with defined detailing.

Do yi iot cameras need cloud service to work? 

Although without the yi secure cloud service, the yi home camera is pretty useful. But this cloud service is a prime version; however, people need a subscription for it.

This secure yi cloud service can support the entire yi home as well as the dome camera series. With a standard plan subscription, people can keep footage safe from damage and also connect up to five cameras on one.

This cloud service helps a lot of customers with secure cloud storage. They will be able to take advantage of next-generation AI and computer vision features.

With this advanced yi secure cloud service, they committed to their customer to protect their data. They will also promise to deliver unique cloud services for consumers and enterprises.

Which devices & cameras support the yi iot app?

For the devices –

It includes lot devices such as –

  • wireless sensors
  • software
  • actuators
  • computer devices, and more. To work, they need to be attached to a particular object which will operate through the internet connection. Without the intervention of humans, this camera can enable the transfer of data among objects or people automatically.

For the cameras –

There are lots of cameras which support this yi lot app, they are –

  • HD IP Camera
  • Wireless Home Security Camera
  • 360° WI-FI Cloud Camera
  • Two Way Audio Night Vision CCTV Camera
  • Security Camera Wireless
  • IP Camera
  • Smart Home Camera (etc.)

Wrapping up

In the world of technology we are living in, security has indeed become one of the essential factors to consider. This yi iot camera can be beneficial for individuals. For its detection technology, this camera can continuously notify you when, where, and what movement was detected &, if so, live without worrying. With this amazing camera, people can always stay on top of things that they care about.



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