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Astro A20 Wireless Headset Review

Astro A20 Wireless

Astro A20 Wireless

The Astro A20 Wireless is a gaming headset that is ideal for gamers who want to have more freedom and sound in the game. Its 2.4 GHz signal ensures extended wireless range. It also features a flip to mute microphone, long battery life, and long-lasting comfort.

EQ presets

The Astro A20 wireless audio receiver is capable of playing most music genres. The default sound profile is well balanced and covers both highs and lows without being overly distorted. It also covers all other instruments without any noticeable audio issues. However, if you’re a bass junkie, this device might not be right for you. The bass and sub-bass audio quality are a bit disappointing and won’t impress you in Fortnite.

To change the sound, just press the EQ button on the headset. It will toggle between three presets. Preset one pushes the high end, Preset two emphasizes the mids, and Preset three adds extra bass for big explosions. You can use either one of these modes or all three to adjust the sound in your games and other activities.

There’s also an Equaliser button on the headset, which switches through the available presets. This button is located on the left ear cup and can also be used to control the boom mic. You can also adjust the settings with Astro Command Center software. If you’re playing in a more expensive environment, you can choose a different profile.

While the Astro A20 wireless headset isn’t very sophisticated, it has good sound quality. Its microphone isn’t great, but it does have an average range. It also has a long battery life. If you’re not a console gamer, you won’t want to spend money on an audio headset that can’t support multiple audio channels.

The Astro A20 wireless audio receiver has two integrated mixing functions for game and voice. One is for voice, while the other is for game audio. The integrated game and voice mixers are located on the right earpiece. The green paddles bookend the volume wheel. You can save your favorite mix with the ASTRO Command Center.

Sound quality

Sound quality of Astro a20 wireless headphones is good but not stellar. It can be a little boomy, but it is consistently accurate and full bodied. The A20 also has decent bass, which is a great attribute for competitive FPS games. It can also enhance single-player game immersion and make sound effects more intense.

Its microphone is very good. The default preset is good, and it is loud and clear. Its sub-bass audio is not very deep, so you can’t use it to record podcasts. But the EQ feature lets you tweak sound quality and balance the bass and treble.

The controls are easy to use. There’s a volume wheel for adjusting volume, and buttons for power on/off and EQ. It also has three presets for EQ. You can also customize the sound quality using Astro Command Center software. However, there’s a lack of documentation.

The Astro A20 wireless headphones’ sound quality isn’t the best. While it’s quite loud, it has a poor isolation of outside noise. Hence, this headset isn’t suitable for commuting in noisy environments. Sound leakage is also a problem with this wireless headset.

Controls: Astro A20 wireless headphones feature an easy-to-use control scheme with a flip-to-mute microphone and channel mixing controls around the volume dial. There’s also a dedicated EQ button on the headset that lets you switch EQ presets and volume. One downside is that it’s bulky and only works within the range of a wireless transmitter.

Astro A20 Wireless XBOX gaming headset features 40mm neodymium drivers. The ASTRO A20 features ASTRO Audio V2 audio technology with three preset EQ modes – ASTRO, PRO, and STUDIO. Each mode is designed to give different attention to certain parts of the audio.

Astro A20 wireless headphones are cross-platform compatible in theory, but practical compatibility depends on the transmitters. The 2nd generation of the headset comes with transmitters for PC, Mac, and Xbox Series X. The headsets for Playstation are not compatible with the blue version. Fortunately, the ASTRO accessory store sells transmitters for both consoles.


If you are looking for a good pair of wireless headphones for a reasonable price, Astro A20 wireless headphones might be the best option. They are lightweight and are primarily made of plastic. They also feature soft fabric earpads. Although plastic headsets tend to snap easily, they are lighter than metal headsets and can be more comfortable. However, the rubber earpad may pull on your hair, so you may want to choose a model with foam pads.

The Astro A20 wireless headset is priced around $150. While it lacks the features of its more expensive cousins, it offers excellent sound for the money. The built-quality is exceptional, and the wireless component works seamlessly. The microphone is also great, and it can mimic the sound of more expensive models. The Astro Command Center ecosystem also makes it possible to customize your audio experience to suit your needs.

While the Astro A20 wireless headset has some shortcomings, it’s an excellent stereo headset at an affordable price. It offers high-quality voice and great microphone monitoring, but lacks the 3.5mm jack and other bells and whistles of more expensive models. While the Astro A20 wireless headset is a great value for the price, some features may be more important to you than others.

One of the biggest flaws of the Astro A20 Wireless is that it doesn’t provide surround sound. Its stereo sound isn’t great for games that require positional awareness, but the lack of Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic software surround are useful for ensuring that you can hear your opponents. Even so, the stereo sound is more than adequate for most games.

The Astro A20 Gen 2 headset has built-in volume controls and buttons to switch between chat and game channels. It also has an on/off power switch, which is convenient for portability. The Astro A20 Gen 2 is designed to be compatible with PC and Mac. The USB dongle is sold separately, so you will need an additional dongle to use it with a different gaming console.


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