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International Museum Day – 18 May

To understand a city or place, you must first understand its origins. Nowadays, no one has much time to get to the roots, so they study for an hour elsewhere and then go there, but going to the museum right away might be a good option. Our Indian culture is very strong, and there is so much to know and understand.

Museums throughout the world are doing an excellent job of reaching out to the public and preserving historical artifacts. Every year on May 18, International Museum Day is observed.

The Museum’s Importance

The museum is vital to the preservation and promotion of our cultural and historical heritage. It gathers and protects religious, cultural, and historical artifacts from around us.

International Museum Day: A Brief History

The International Council of Museums was the first to think of observing International Museum Day around the world. International Museum Day was created in 1977 by the International Council of Museums. This organization selects and coordinates a different subject each year. Globalization, indigenous peoples, overcoming cultural divides, environmental protection, and other topics are covered.

Since 1977, every year on this day, all of the world’s museums have been encouraged to participate and promote the part of museums in the world by organizing a variety of activities centred on the theme.

Do you know that in 2009, International Museum Day drew 20,000 museums from over 90 countries to participate in events? In 2010, 98 nations took part, 100 countries in 2011, and nearly 30,000 museums from 129 nations took part in 2012.

International Museum Day’s Importance:

Museums are seen as a part of humanity’s legacy. The significance of International Museum Day stems from the belief that museums are critical tools for ensuring “cultural interchange, enrichment of cultures, and growth of mutual understanding, collaboration, and peace” among people worldwide.

Museums are essential because they allow us to track a country’s progress from prehistoric to present times. It is not wrong to argue that museums are the closest thing to time travel. After all, a museum is a place where nothing is lost, and everything is rediscovered.

International Museum Day began in 1977 when the International Council of Museums (ICOM) established the celebration.

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is the umbrella organization for museums worldwide. Its mission is to promote and protect natural and cultural heritage, both physical and intangible, in the present and future. It is a non-governmental organization based in Paris, France, that was founded in 1946.

To achieve the goal, ICOM has 31 international committees operating under it. They fight illegal trafficking and ensure that enough innovative research is done in various disciplines to benefit museums.

As a result, International Museum Day sees various events and enjoyable activities to help achieve the goal of raising awareness about museums’ role in society’s progress.

Every year, the event grows in popularity. International Museum Day festivities attracted 35000 people from 145 countries in 2016. This year marks the 44th year of International Museum Day.

Celebrations for International Museum Day

Several organizations offer free museum visits on farming, fashion, space and astronomy, archaeology, art and culture, history, and so on. People celebrate the day by visiting nearby museums with their relatives, friends, and family.

Celebrating the importance of museums:

Nowadays, people do not value history, but specially in our country, there is deep rooted history. There is so much to know and learn. However due to time constraints we are many times unable to actually read books and gather knowledge. Hence, someone who is keenly interested in knowing about history, will surely love going to museum.

Museums are very powerful store houses for information, and it allows the individual to enjoy culture and history in the best way possible. Hence, this is the reason why museum day is considered to be one of the important days and is celebrated with all zeal, passion and fun.

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