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Technology - February 8, 2022

Significance of Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Microsoft Dynamics Navision

Microsoft Dynamics Navision or NAV refers to an enterprise resource planning app from Microsoft. The product belongs to the family of Microsoft Dynamics and it helps with management, finance, supply chains, customer relationship management, analytics and electronic commerce. We, a Microsoft Dynamics Navision partner in Saudi Arabia, would like to tell you that this app is suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

Moreover, our experience as one of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners in Saudi Arabia tells us that this app is suitable for the local subsidiaries of large international groups. For modifications of the system, the proprietary programming language C/AL is required for the modifications of the system.

First of all, Dynamics NAV offers an amazing range of add-ons. We, a Microsoft Dynamics Navision partner in Saudi Arabia, can assure you that it is the best app currently on the market.

This fact is highlighted due to its immense depth of functionality along with its amazing flexibility. Customers usually purchase external solutions to deal with reporting, print management, and document management.

Moreover, customers also use it to improve various functional areas, for example, the credit control. As such a unique range of Dynamics NAV add-on was created taking into account the most common additional user needs.

The consequence of this is extra extended versatility of the system. Dynamics NAV add-ons will bring immense enhancement to your system, dealing with things like business intelligence, e-commerce, retail, reporting, warehousing, mobile, and much more.

Dynamics NAV has a client interface named the RoleTailored Client (abbreviated RTC). The RTC facilitates tailoring the NAV individual experience on the basis of job responsibilities, through Profiles and Roles.

Profiles here refer to menu layouts and Roles here refer to homepages. Roles are assigned in accordance with the user or by groups. It is possible for individual users to customize their toolbar and navigation pane.

Furthermore, administrators can also undertake customization of the layouts for all users in a specific Profile. Afterwards, they can simply disable individual customisation for users in that particular profile.

The Dynamics NAV’s sector is most suitable for small distribution and manufacturing companies. These companies are those that prefer more than “out of the box” functionality. The NAV solution comes with a standard feature set.

However, one can consider it as an “ERP System construction set” in case one wants to end up with every erector piece that was still attached to your system. One can also think of the NAV program as a 4’x8′ sheet of pegboard that consists of 4,600 evenly spaced holes.

It is able to cover company boxes of varying sizes. The sizes can be shoebox, knockdown furniture box, pizza box, and a double-doored refrigerator box.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV deals with all of your business processes. These processes can be purchasing, finance, warehouse management, and general reporting.  Our experience as one of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners in Saudi Arabia tells us that the system happens to be extremely flexible. You can easily customize it according to your business requirement irrespective of the industry. This app is an asset that will significantly enhance your business operations.

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