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Govt Schemes - February 10, 2022

What is Banglarbhumi? What All Should You Know


Banglarbhumi Overview

Keeping land records is vital for a landowner or property owner. It is preferable for everyone interested in purchasing the property to learn the fundamentals. The data are straightforward, including the owner’s name, the current landowner, and other essential and fundamental information. People can use the Banglarbhumi to communicate important property information. It also includes a map of West Bengal land and property.

The report will aid people in obtaining assistance for establishing new industries in the future or at the current location. An individual can get information by filling in the details of the district and block.

How do I utilize the website in Banglarbhumi?

On Banglarbhumi, you can apply for citizen services.

Citizens must first register on the Banglarbhumi portal at https://banglarbhumi.gov.in/BanglarBhumi/Home.action to take advantage of the online citizen services.

Step 1: Log in with your credentials to access the citizen service if you have previously used the Banglarbhumi website. If not, go to www.banglarbhumi.gov.in and fill out the registration form. On the top of the page, towards the middle, is a sign-up button. As a ‘Citizen,’ create a profile and log in to ‘Citizen Services.’

Step 2: On the banglarbhumi gov in website, the public registration form will now be available. Complete all required fields in the state, including name, address, guardian’s name, municipality, district, PS, email address, pin code, OTP received on email ID and password, phone number, and captcha information. To register, fill out the form and submit it.

If you’re a departmental user, here’s how to navigate the Banglarbhumi portal.

To utilize the banglarbhumi gov in website, follow the procedures listed below:

Step 1: Begin by visiting Banglarbhumi’s official webpage.

Step 2: On Banglarbhumi, choose “Citizen Services.”

Step 3: Click ‘Departmental User’ because you are a departmental user.

Step 4: Type in your login and password in the space provided.

Step 5: You will validate your identity using the captcha confirmation.

Step 6: Go to Banglar bhumi and ‘Login’ to see your departmental user profile.


Process for Applying for Mutations Online

A mutation is a process that occurs when one individual passes on their genes to another. The mutation process begins when the property is transferred. When a property is registered, it triggers the mutation method.


  • To avoid an application being rejected, double-check that all of the information on the application form is correct.
  • The reference number will be issued to the form’s applicant once the details of the mutation form have been submitted. To verify their mutation status, the applicant is given an application number.
  • You can pay the fee for the process through the online application menu. You’ll see a fee payment option there, which you can use to pay the price.
  • To make the required payment with the chosen choice, the user must fill in the request type and application number. The mutation case will be registered extremely quickly if payment is made via the internet.
  • If a person opts for the offline payment method, they can use an application to verify and check the status.

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