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Education - February 8, 2022

What to do after Btech: Study or Job?


There are a couple of options everybody prefers after finishing B. Tech degree (i.e. engineering). If you are economically successful and don’t desire a job, it is advisable you go for your further reports.

Further Studies after B.Tech

If you choose to continue to research, you can do Post Graduate courses and then get a Ph.D. to apply to several job opportunities after btech.


Conducted through one of seven Indian Institutes of Technology in sequence, Graduate Abilities Test throughout Engineering (GATE) is a yearly exam for admission to help M.Tech and M. S. programs in most technical institutes in India.


The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a standardized test which is an access requirement for several graduate schools in English language speaking countries.


Test of Quality of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL®, examines the potential achievement of a person to use and understand common American English at a higher educational level.


If you desire doing P. G in many finance related courses then you may definitely choose MBA.


The Graduate Management Admissions Test, better known by acronym GMAT (pronounced G-mat), is a standardized test regarding determining aptitude to succeed scholastically in mistral business research.


Common Admission Test is conducted by IIMs in the Indian subcontinent for entrance to various IIMs present in India. Admissions are based on the results in CAT exam.


This is the most preferred path by engineering students within education following B. Tech.

Software industry: Whatever the actual branch you are in during your executive you can get in the software sector with simply communication expertise.

Indian Civil Service: Although corporate jobs could offer the better of salaries and perks, most youngsters and their parents nevertheless crave entrance to the exclusive Indian Civil Services organized by the UPSC.

Entrepreneurship (Own Company)

Should you be financially perfect or have passion to do anything out of the box, you can start your company.



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