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What You Can Do With Your Among Us Character

Among Us character

Among Us character

Among Us character are based on the popular video game franchise. They can be either male or female and have a default skin. These characters also have a spacesuit or backpack, and a variety of free items.

You can choose a different name for your character, but you must change this before entering a room. Once you know the name of your character, you can customize its appearance. Listed below are the different things you can do with your character.

Blue is the color of the Among Us character

In the game, the character you play is usually blue, but the player can choose any other color they want. This is a handy way to avoid being mistaken for an impostor or the bad guy. But keep in mind that you can’t take a friend’s color. Despite this, many players do. Here are the other colors in the game, along with their descriptions and meanings.

Cyan is the name of the lightest shade of blue. While the name is self-explanatory, it takes a little longer to type. The alternate name for blue is lime, which is light-green. Lime is similar to Cyan, but differs slightly from blue. Lime was introduced to the game in version 2019.4.24 after Cyan was removed from the game. Lime is also known as Light Green. Lime has only been used in a few promotional images.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your character’s color, you can change it up by obtaining different crewmates in different colors. Blue is the most popular color among players. Most players have chosen it as their main crewmate color. It doesn’t appear much, but it’s one of the most under suspicion and smoothest killers in the game. The color is also used by pro players.

Dark blue characters are everywhere. They are nice, but they can be ragers, too. They can be hunted for the duration of the game, or they can quietly kill everyone in one go.

Either way, they’re the most dangerous and can win almost every game. However, they often lie about where they were and what they did, making them an ideal target for imposters. There are a number of reasons for this.

Black is the nature of the Among Us character

The Among Us game has become an international phenomenon, and the popularity of the black character in particular is a testament to the game’s popularity. Many fans of the game have adapted the black character into their own lives, and there’s an interesting backstory behind the character.

Here are some of the most popular Among Us black character designs. All of these products are made by independent artists. Each purchase helps put money in the artists’ pocket.

Impostors are parasitic shapeshifters

The lore behind the parasitic shapeshifters known as Impostors hints at their ability to manipulate their bodies. These creatures have a large mouth located at the waist of their spacesuit, and they can shape-shift at will. Though the species is not entirely understood, it seems likely that they were originally from a specific planet. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to learn about their origins.

The Impostors are left-handed and give thumbs up when they’re voted off, a reference to the Terminator movie Judgment Day. These creatures have been dubbed “Infected” during game development, but that name has been withdrawn. The creatures are parasitic aliens with abilities that make them similar to other humans. Moreover, they can see in the dark.

One of the main characters of the series, the eponymous ‘Impostors’, are saboteurs. The parasites are highly intelligent and can perform fake tasks and sabotage crewmates’ tasks. They seem to know exactly what their crewmates are looking for. Some Impostors go to great lengths to eliminate entire crews. Their actions could be motivated by a personal vendetta against their crewmates.

While a Crewmate can kill an Impostors with their own weapon, this ability is limited to one per Crewmate. When a Crewmate dies, the dead body remains where it was, but the Impostors turn it into a ghost. There is a cooldown period of 10 to 60 seconds for the KillImpostors. However, they can still use Sabotage to kill a Crewmate if they’re in a position to do so.

Pets are a part of the Among Us character

You can equip two types of pets in Among Us: your pet and your character’s. The pet is visible to both the living and dead crew, but it won’t roam the ship with the player. If your character dies, your pet will stay in place until you can replace them. If you don’t want to lose a pet, you can purchase a bundle of all the pets and unlock all of them at once.

While you can purchase individual pet skins in Among Us, you cannot obtain the pet bundles through free methods. Some players cheat to get the pets by using cracked PC versions or loading cracked Android APKs.

This can be dangerous, and developers are working to prevent this practice. The main goal of the game is to keep players happy, and a part of that strategy is offering players cosmetic items they might not have otherwise.

Besides the pet skin, Among Us also has a selection of neopets that you can equip on your character. The Bushfriend, for example, looks creepy. It is an orange blob with a wavy mouth. When it follows you, it glides across the floor. When it dies, it lies flat on the ground. It is also easy to resurrect the deceased.

In addition to pets, you can also purchase various cosmetics. Most of these cosmetics can be used to customize your character’s appearance. In addition to pets, there are also hats and skins that change the appearance of the character.

Nameplates are also cosmetic items that show up on the voting box. There is also a pet called an Impostor. Streamers and gamers have been popularizing Among Us on Twitch.

Among Us characters have special abilities

In Among Us, each character has their own special abilities. For example, the Scientist character can check the player’s vital signs when they join the lobby. The Scientist has a limited supply of power, so he can only use it for certain tasks. But the Scientist can catch the Impostor if he uses his own vent. This ability also has a cooldown, so use it wisely to keep your crewmates alive.

In the game, players control one of 18 unique crew members. These crew members can be Engineers, Scientists, or Impostors. A crewmate who turns into a ghost can also become a Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angels can protect living players from the threat of imposters. The Imposters can also change form to become Shapeshifters. The game has become a worldwide sensation after popular Twitch streamer Sodapoppin played it.

The characters also have unique cosmetic items and roles. Players can purchase Cosmicubes to customize their look. These can be purchased with Beans earned during gameplay or Stars bought with real money. The game also features achievements that reward players with points when they complete a task.

Among Us is coming to PlayStation and Xbox on 14 December. It will also be released on PC, Switch, and mobile versions. If you are eager to play Among Us, you should check out this new game! If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out this upcoming game and let us know what you think!

One of the main characters, Cyan, is a shapeshifting parasitic alien. After sabotaging map lights, Cyan is able to see in the dark and doesn’t need oxygen. This character is the perfect target for those who want to kill the Among Us crew.

Despite its limited appearance in the game’s advertising materials, Lime is not far behind. Lime was only added to the game in a later update.


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