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Wines –The ultimate Refresher

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When we talk about wines, there comes some apprehension and lot of confusion. The confusion is about which wine to choose, despite tough challenges that range from a tropical climate to alcohol prohibition, Indian Wine exists with a full range of wine styles in its own way. You must know that the world of wine is such a huge entity that you will have a new experience every single time.

Type of Wines

As you know white and red wine look different and taste different too. It is mainly due to skin and something called tannin. Red wine ferments with skin for a longer time and ends up being red with a elevated content of tannin.

While wine on other had has little tannin and backboned by acidity. Tannin gives red wine texture and makes it soft, smooth, or rough. So, the darker the color of the wine, the higher is the tannin content and bolder is the taste.

Rose or blush wine is in between white and red wine with lower content of tannin compared to red wine. Sparkling wine is made naturally during fermentation process or through carbon dioxide injection after fermentation.

Here is a list of best wines in India that you can explore.

Best red Wines in India

We will start your wine journey with some delicious red wines. Here is my top pick of best red wines in India– some of them looks gracefully elegant while others pack a punch wrapped in a silken glove. With all of them, I recommend decanting for an hour before serving.

  • Sula rasa

A elegant wine with power of finesse is termed as India’s best reserve Shiraz , It is stored in premium French oak barrels for 1 year and matured in the bottle after that before release.

  • Myra misfit

Myra is launched in 2013 and it is produced from Myra Vineyards located in Bangalore. It comes with 3 categories entry level, premium, and super premium. The blend is of a fruity Shiraz and classic Sauvignon stored in French oak barrels for 18 months. The taste is spicy & fruity with a sweetish flavor. This is also first unfiltered wine of India.

  • Fratelli sette

It is relative high priced and known for its taste. Sette is a barrel-aged red wine and it is matured in French oak for fourteen months.

  • York arros

This is a flagship wine of Maharashtra. The sweet vanilla flavor of the American oak prevails, along with taste of strawberries, raspberries, cherries.

  • Charosa tempranillo reserve

Tempranillo Reserve is filled with rich Coconut, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Raspberry aromas. This is a well-balanced wine which comes up with a perfectly round and soft finish.

  • Sol de chile syrah merlot

Sol de chile is a well-balanced wine with raspberry and black pepper flavors.

  • The wolftrap red

This comes up with two red grapes – syrah and mourvdere and shows exceptional balance with fresh, integrated acidity

  • Krsma sangiovese

This is an exceptional mellow-tasting wine with a handful of clove notes and cherries.

  • Reveilo

This comes up with fruity flavor of raspberry and cherry are dominant. The color is brilliant ruby red with purple reflection

Best White Wines

Now it’s time for some fabulously elegant and refreshing white wines. Here is a list of some of the best white wines which represents best wine in India.

  • Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco

This wine is created from a single vineyard in Garwar by pruning plants to reduce yield per acre so that aromas and taste is more complex and elegant. After fermentation is over, the wine is then transferred in new French oak barrels to make the tannins elegant and fine.

  • Reveilo Chardonnay Reserve

India’s first Chardonnay and probably the only one that is properly oak-aged. Few whites are made at the level of finesse, and this wine can be tested with the most flavorful of foods.

  • Sula Riesling

This wine is very affable and enjoyable in spite of the warm Nashik climes where it is made, this is off-dry in style and, with some soda and snacks, can make for a great evening.

  • York Chenin Blanc

The York Chenin Blanc has a specialty of build up capacity of almost 1 million liters. The winery has a barrel storage area of 6000 square feet, which is a first of its kind in India.

  • KRSMA Sauvignon Blanc

It is a delightful wine from a niche winery of Hampi in Karnataka. It is an elegant and mellow wine with lots of cherries and clove notes.

  • Vallonne Vinde Passerillage

This thick, luscious, and honeyed sweet white wine is among the best sweet wines of India.

  • Reveilo Late Harvest Chenin Blan

The sweet wine is produced from Chenin Blanc grapes. The sweetness is perfectly balanced with some acidity, resulting in a very pleasant velvety taste.

Have your favourite one from the above list of best wines and enjoy a perfect evening with your loved ones.

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